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Port-au-Prince Sea Temperature

(Today) Dec 2017

28.3°C / 83°F

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16°C / 60°F

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The measurements for the sea temperature in Port-au-Prince, Ouest are provided by the daily satellite readings provided by the NOAA. The temperatures given are the surface temperature (SST) which is most relevant to recreational users.

Monthly average max / min water temperatures

The graph below shows the range of monthly water temperatures over several years.

Maximum and minimum monthly sea temperatures in Port-au-Prince
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min °C 26.1 25.7 26.4 26.4 27.1 27.6 28.3 28.9 29 28.3 28.5 27.6
Max °C 28.2 27.7 27.4 28.5 28.8 29.5 29.7 30.1 30.5 30.7 29.8 28.9
Min °F 79.8 79.1 79.9 80.3 81.4 82.4 83.5 84.5 84.8 83.9 83.8 82.2
Max °F 81.9 81.1 80.9 82.4 83.1 84.3 84.9 85.7 86.3 86.3 85.1 83.5

7 day tide forecast for Port-au-Prince

  • Low 12:21am
  • High 07:37am
  • Low 02:05pm
  • High 06:48pm
  • Low 12:58am
  • High 08:18am
  • Low 02:50pm
  • High 07:27pm
  • Low 01:36am
  • High 08:57am
  • Low 03:33pm
  • High 08:07pm
  • Low 02:13am
  • High 09:36am
  • Low 04:13pm
  • High 08:47pm
  • Low 02:50am
  • High 10:13am
  • Low 04:52pm
  • High 09:28pm
  • Low 03:27am
  • High 10:49am
  • Low 05:30pm
  • High 10:12pm
  • Low 04:06am
  • High 11:24am
  • Low 06:06pm
  • High 11:00pm

*These tide times are estimates based on the nearest port (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) and may differ by up to half and hour depending on distance. Please note, the tide times given are not suitable for navigational purposes.

Average December sea temperatures

  • Max: 27.6°C / 81.6°F
  • Avg: 28.2°C / 82.8°F
  • Min: 28.9°C / 83.9°F
Port-au-Prince average sea temperature chart

These average ocean temperatures for Port-au-Prince are calculated from several years of archived data.

Map showing location of Port-au-Prince (18.539170, -72.335000)

Locations nearby


Whilst sea temperatures for Port-au-Prince are as accurate as current data allows there may be slight local and regional variations depending on conditions. Time of day and wind direction may have a temporary local effect as can water flows from neraby rivers.

Alternate names for Port-au-Prince
Port o Prens, Port o Prensas, Port-au-Prince, Port-o-Prens, Porto Prens, Portofprensa, Potoprens, Puerto Principe, Puerto Príncipe, Pòtoprens, Ville de Port-au-Prince, poleutopeulaengseu, porutopuransu, pwrt aw prns, tai zi gang, Πορτ-ο-Πρενς, Порт о Пренс, Порт-о-Пренс, Порто Пренс, פורט או פרינס, פורט-או-פרנס, پورت او پرنس, პორტ-ო-პრენსი, ፖርቶፕሪንስ, ポルトープランス, 太子港, 포르토프랭스

Port-au-Prince average sea temperature chart